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If, nevertheless, you booked on the website, and then found the price below:

Contact the hotel by email at least 48 hours prior to check-in time
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Discounts up to - 25%!
Discount on accommodation from 02.26 to 03.03.2021:

Breakfast, Half Board and Full Board rates-up to 25%*

*Check with the booking manager for details

Spring-Summer 2021 - Discounts up to - 15%
Discount on accommodation from 03.04 to 04.30.2021 and from 08.01 to 08.25.2021:
Breakfast, Half-Board and Full-Board rates-up to 5%*
Discount on accommodation from 05.01 to 07.31.2021 and from 08.26 to 09.30.2021:
Breakfast, Half-Board and Full-Board rates-up to 15%*

*Check with the booking Manager for details.
Ski tour in Sochi
You can find the best offer for a ski holiday in Sochi in the Grace Group hotel chain.
Guests who choose our ski tour will get an incredible experience.
The program includes:
- daily transfer to any resort of Krasnaya Polyana;
- daily meals at the selected rate;
- comfortable rooms;
- modern dryer with individual lockers;
- purchase a ski pass at the reception.
The ski tour runs from December 20, 2020 to March 31, 2021.
Price: from 2100 rubles per day.
Grace loyalty program
We have developed a convenient and attractive discount system for our guests. For us, this is a way to thank You for your choice and constancy. And This is a great opportunity for you to save your own money and feel like a welcome guest at the "Grace Global" hotel.

    We offer a discount to regular guests of our hotel:
3% discount on the second visit for guests;
5% discount on the third visit for guests;
7% discount on the fourth visit for guests;
10% discount on the fifth or more visits for guests;
10% discount on the services of the beauty and aesthetics studio "Grace Beauty";
10% discount on access to the "Grace Arli" Spa complex and the "Grace Global" Spa complex»;
10% discount on access to the "Odyssey" Spa complex»;
10% discount on all menus in the group's restaurants Grace (the discount cannot be combined with special offers of the restaurant)*.

*The Discount does not apply to the Valhalla restaurant (the restaurant does not belong to the Grace Group chain)

*Please contact your booking Manager for more details
Early booking discount
Plan your vacation in advance! Open sales for the period from 05.01.2021 to 09.30.2021! Have time to book with a 15% discount!

Способы оплаты

Наличный расчет

Если товар доставляется курьером, то оплата осуществляется наличными курьеру в руки. При получении товара обязательно проверьте комплектацию товара, наличие гарантийного талона и чека.

Банковской картой

Мы используем онлайн-оплату СБЕРБАНК.
Для выбора оплаты товара с помощью банковской карты на соответствующей странице необходимо нажать кнопку оплата заказа банковской картой. Оплата происходит через ПАО СБЕРБАНК с использованием банковских карт следующих платежных систем: